Complete legal services from a trusted global network

ATTI Consultants offer a range of legal services, including: debt recovery, commercial law and due diligence enquiries.

Our clients repeatedly return to us because of the proven expertise of our worldwide network of lawyers and the results they achieve. We take away the worry of cross-border problems and keep you updated every step of the process.

Debt Recovery

Collection of unpaid debts through a network of reputable and highly experienced local law firms.

For over a quarter of a century, we have been trusted by the world’s leading export credit agencies to handle their claims with discretion and integrity. One of our directors will personally manage your claim and ensure that you always know what is happening.

Our local lawyer-associates are highly experienced in negotiating settlements. If a debtor does not respond to an amicable approach, we can undertake a site visit to their premises, and/or commission trusted local investigators to carry out company and solvency investigations.

If necessary, we can initiate litigation, including handling all the court paperwork, hearings and ensure enforcement of the judgment.

Commercial Law

Our lawyers are experts in all aspects of trade and maritime law.

We can protect your interests overseas and guide you through all the complex legal and financial regulations in the relevant country.

The interpretation of agreements can vary greatly across just one continent. Before you commit to a contract, our lawyers can quickly review the document to ensure that it will work to your best advantage and gives you maximum protection.

Contact us with your legal problem and we’ll provide friendly and helpful expert advice.

Due Diligence

Essential precautions before your goods leave the port.

Ensure the people that you are selling to are who they say they are – and have the money to pay you. It is much better to discover a potential problem before you ship any goods.

We have the contacts and resources to check prospective buyers anywhere in the world and thereby save our clients being victims of fraud. We can undertake discreet site visits to the premises of potential buyers to check on their solvency and trading history, as well as verify their status at trade and company registers.

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